Plant-based for food lovers

Hi, my name is James McGee, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Peace.Love.&Eatz Smoothie Bar. Many people ask why opened a vegan restaurant (though I like to refer to it as plant-based) and I figured I'd answer that here. After fully switching over to a plant-based lifestyle, my wife and I realized there was nothing for us to eat in the area. From then on the seed was planted (get it?).


Since my wife and I are from Desoto, we decided to open up here. It wasn't just because it was close to home but we wanted to spread the peace and love of a plant-based lifestyle to our community. 

Where are we going from here? Good question. The future holds our very own brick and mortar establishment but there are many awesome things to look forward to in between now and then. Stay tuned and up to date via social media and this website.


Chef James

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